All About Me (Condensed Version)

Hello, guys! For those of you who found my introduction post to be too long, here is a shorter version of it. My name is Lordy Emmanuella Belance, and I am from Brooklyn, NY. I recently finished school at Brooklyn College with a BFA in Creative Writing. A few of my works have been published in school publications, one of them being “Catching Up With The Other Lordys”. That story was about me contacting both my younger and older selves. I am the daughter of Haitian immigrants; both of my parents are from the city of Jérémie. A few things that I like are karaoke, creative writing, The Bachelor, international cuisine (especially Haitian food), and Disney. On the other hand, things that I dislike include bullying, child abuse, homophobia, when people diss the arts as a career field, and police brutality. I will talk more in depth about these topics as I continue blogging. However, I also would like to know what you want me to write about. Please comment your requests below, and tell me a little about yourself!

Christmas Eve Mass 2019 (Courtesy of fellow Mass attendee)

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