Return of the Bus Fare Survey

Within this horrid disaster called the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been the silver lining of not having to pay the bus fare because of the blockage of the front entrance. However, the MTA started charging their passengers again two weeks ago, although the pandemic is far from over. I, for one, miss getting free busContinue reading “Return of the Bus Fare Survey”

Reflecting On Nineteen Years Ago

On September 11, 2001, we faced a national tragedy when al Qaeda attacked us. Many people got hurt, and we lost many lives. Since I was little when 9/11 occurred, I remember nothing, aside from what my mother told me (I was at school when the attacks took place). Also, no one I know gotContinue reading “Reflecting On Nineteen Years Ago”

Check Out My Novel, “Best Served Cold”!

Now that it is summer, it is time for some summer reading. Speaking of which, be sure to take a look at my novel titled Best Served Cold on Amazon. This novel is about a teenager who goes to extreme measures to get revenge on her sister after she treated her as an outcast andContinue reading “Check Out My Novel, “Best Served Cold”!”

Twelve Songs That Are Suitable For the On-going COVID-19 Pandemic

Locked Up- Akon ft. Styles P*: 2. Another One Bites the Dust: 3. I Will Survive- Gloria Gaynor: 4. Survivor- Destiny’s Child: 5. The Lazy Song- Bruno Mars: 6. Three Little Birds- Bob Marley: 7. Stayin’ Alive- Bee Gees: 8. Paint It Black- Rolling Stones: 9. Lonely- Akon: 10. That’s Life- Frank Sinatra: 11. LeanContinue reading “Twelve Songs That Are Suitable For the On-going COVID-19 Pandemic”

Check Out “Seasons: A Poetry Anthology!”

Hey, fellas! Happy Memorial Day Weekend! If you’re bummed about being stuck at home for the holiday, I know something you could do to cheer yourselves up: take a look at the second book I wrote with the SMS Novel Group! The book is a poetry anthology titled Seasons, and the poems we had writtenContinue reading “Check Out “Seasons: A Poetry Anthology!””

13 Songs About Saving The Environment

Hi, peeps! In honor of (late) Earth Day, here are some songs that will get you into the spirit of making the world a better place: Heal the World- Michael Jackson: We Are The World- USA For Africa: Earth Song- Michael Jackson: We Can Change The World- Bridget Mendler: Big GreenContinue reading “13 Songs About Saving The Environment”

Check out my new group book “My Love Matters”!

Good evening, guys! I hope you all are staying safe and sound during this pandemic! I have an idea: to pass the time, why don’t you check out the new book that I co-wrote with the SMS Group? It is titled My Love Matters, and it is about a black college senior named Aries JohnsonContinue reading “Check out my new group book “My Love Matters”!”

What To Do While Confined Because of Corona

Greetings, everybody! I know that a lot of you must be going ballistic from being cooped up because of the deadly Coronavirus. But never fear! Lordy is here….to tell you that you do NOT have to go out to have a great time! Here is a list of things you could do while safeguarding yourselfContinue reading “What To Do While Confined Because of Corona”

All About Me (Condensed Version)

Hello, guys! For those of you who found my introduction post to be too long, here is a shorter version of it. My name is Lordy Emmanuella Belance, and I am from Brooklyn, NY. I recently finished school at Brooklyn College with a BFA in Creative Writing. A few of my works have been publishedContinue reading “All About Me (Condensed Version)”